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Actionable ideas

Lucent Associates is a data science and research driven investment management firm.  We utilize point in time insights to make quantitative and fundamental investments.  

Our Strategies

We focus on developed market instruments (e.g. US, Canada, EU, Australia), including equities, options and FX

Our Services

Merger arbitrage

We trade live merger deals along regulatory and other stakeholder dimensions.  Coverage are merger deals for DM publicly listed targets meeting minimum market capitalization and liquidity considerations

Statistical arbitrage

Enhancing our existing strategies, we use robust data science driven techniques on developed market options, equities and other instruments

Global macro research

We also conduct research towards producing views on global macro trends.  Contact us if you would like a sample of our perspectives


Ready to find out more?

Reach out for discussion!  Note that we are most able to execute our mandates for accredited and institutional investors.

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